Video and Song Tells LGBT Elders’ Stories

lgbt musicLooking for something short, powerful, and thoughtful to quickly illustrate some of the issues facing LGBT elders?  Check out “Too Old to Remember,” the video of a song commissioned by a British social charity.

The dirge-like song, performed by the All Aloud LGBT Choir of Sheffield, England, and accompanied by pictures of LGBT elders, asks people, “Won’t you share these stories with us when we’re too old to remember?” and then tells both happy and sad stories of LGBT elders.  One stanza, for instance, says:

I was shy and just a bachelor

And I’m ashamed to say,

I got myself a lesbian friend,

As cover in those days.

I tried to keep my head down,

I made jokes was anti-gay,

And I still can’t trust authority,

I fear it every day.”

Another stanza talks about a lesbian with dementia whose caregivers dressed her femininely and “made her into someone else.”

Check it out at

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