Carroll Baker Was Maid of Honor

Perkins and SuraciIn yet another example of how far (and quickly!) the world has moved on LGBT issues, the New York Times recently ran a long profile of Tony Perkins and Dr. Patrick Joseph Suraci on the occasion of the marriage.

Entitled, “When May Catches Up to December,” the profile explains how the two, now 54 and 77, originally met in 1986.  The age difference was part of what kept them in an on-again, off-again status, but that began to change in 2005, when the two reconnected after having lost touch for nearly three years.  The final decision point came in October 2012, when Dr. Suraci underwent radical surgery and Mr. Perkins thought, “Oh, my God, Patrick is not immortal.  This isn’t something I can play with.”

The couple married on February 20.  The actress Carroll Baker, a long-time friend of Dr. Suraci, served as their Maid of Honor.  You can read the whole profile at

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