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Asian-American LGBT Elders

dion WongOften when I present on LGBT aging issues, people want to know, “what are the differences or unique experiences of LGBT elders who are also people of color?”

Of course, there is no one answer to that, just as we cannot say that everyone of any group experiences the world in the same way.  But Diverse Elders and SAGE can provide some insights. Continue reading

“We have no language for the liminal”

robert_espinozaAs the headline may suggest, the article this post is about is heady, theoretical…and very, very interesting.

Last National Coming Out Day, Robert Espinoza, Senior Director, Public Policy and Communications at SAGE, published a Huffington Post article, “‘Coming Out’ or ‘Letting In’?  Recasting the LGBT Narrative.” Continue reading

LGBT Considerations for Hospice

end of life“When Eleanor went into a nursing home to receive the care she needed in her final days, she was open about who she was as a lesbian.  ‘You still have time before you die to repent, change your ways and be saved,’ a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at the nursing home told her.”

To read more of the Huffington Post article, “‘We Made This Family’: End-of-Life Care in the LGBT Community,” go to