LGBTQ Aging and Economic Justice

Marriage is a human rightIf you like reading things that make you think, do not miss Robert Espinoza’s article, “Our Issues Entwine: LGBTQ Aging and Economic Justice,” published in the Fall 2013 edition of Tikkun and available at

Drawing on his parents’ lived experience as Spanish-speaking elders with multiple health conditions as well as his deep involvement in LGBTQ, aging, and economic justice movements, Espinoza spins a very thoughtful, engaging narrative.

“The aging and LGBTQ advocacy fields often propose policy solutions that are too narrow to address the complexity of how all marginalized people — including heterosexual people of color such as my parents, members of the LGBTQ community, and more — experience the process of aging.¬† We need social transformations that address the intersecting forms of oppression that older people face — and that can make sense of the chaos and silence that shroud my parents.”

Espinoza also critiques those who feel efforts should be focused on the largest population groups, pointing out that LGBTQ aging issues are actually issues that face many other populations as well, so addressing them will have widespread benefits.

We remain outsiders to the same political movements we’ve spent our lives creating,” he concludes.¬† Check it out.


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