We’re Not All White Gay, Mostly Male

Pat and Cherry GeorgiaEvery life, every relationship, is a roller-coaster.  We have highs and lows.  If we are very, very lucky — like Pat and Cherry — we have a partner to hold us tight through both the ups and the downs.

This week Georgia Voice published a profile of Pat and Cherry, two women who have been together nearly 30 years.  The first part of the profile focuses on the daring and flirtatious start of their relationship: “This cutie comes after the predator,” as Pat describes them.  “I had roaming feet when we met.”

The profile includes Pat’s work to move the 1996 Olympic volleyball competitions out of Cobb County, which had recently passed a resolution condemning the “Gay lifestyle,” and her work with Southerners on New Ground.  And it includes her subsequent breakdown, job loss, depression, and PTSD.

Now the couple sees the Atlanta Dream professional women’s basketball team as Pat’s “therapy through basketball.”  You can read more about this charming couple at http://thegavoice.com/community/features/6922-lgbt-aging-pat-and-cherry-hussain-want-people-to-know-not-everyone-is-20.

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