Cape Cod Addresses LGBT Elder Issues

Sandy Chernick Sandi Herschel Cape CodAs awareness of LGBT elders increases, so does media coverage of our issues.  (Or is it the other way around?)  Last year Cape Cod Online published a long story about what is happening regarding LGBT elders in their area.

The article in part revolves around Sandy Chernick and Sandi Herschel (pictured), who have been partnered for 32 years.  Herschel reminds us what it was like for those who are now LGBT elders:  “When Herschel was a senior in high school in the late 1940s, her relationship with another girl led to that girl being beaten by her mother in front of Herschel’s house.  The girl’s brother had seen the pair together at a movie and told the girl’s mother.  ‘I can still see Dolores covering her head like that, and all my friends around looking,’ Herschel said.”

The article also talks about how much has changed: recently Barrie Atkin, a Provincetown homeowner and executive producer of the 2011 documentary “Gen Silent” was added to the AARP Massachusetts Executive Council advisory board.  Her task is to help them become “more supportive of and engaged in the LGBT aging community.”

Also discussed are various LGBT aging projects in Cape Cod.  To read the whole article, go to

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