Revamped LGBT Aging Website Offers More

NRCLA logoThis week the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging unveiled its redesigned website, including new resources.

If you want to advocate for LGBT older adults, the Resource Center offers a new Volunteer Education Ambassador.  When you sign up, you will be given access to a digital toolkit containing a PowerPoint presentation, “Understanding and Supporting LGBT Older Adults,” a presentation script, a document answering Frequently Asked Questions, and a feedback form.  You will then be entered into the Resource Center’s Education Ambassador database so groups in your area can contact you directly to request a presentation.  To learn more, go to

Another new feature is access to a 1-hour long, online webinar, “Introduction to LGBT Aging.”  Check that out at

The Resource Center has added three new topic sections: Alzheimer’s/dementia, end of life decisions, and racial equity.  Make sure you check out the new additions to older categories while you are at there!

Finally, you can learn more about the Resource Center’s EIGHTEEN partnering organizations at, certified trainers (, and a list of agencies that have received training on LGBT aging issues (

Check it out!

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