“I Never Knew a Transgender Person Could Be…Somewhat Valuable Within a Church”

Rosie Del MarYet another aging-related piece in this week’s Advocate is “Op-ed: 72, Transgender, and Finally Myself,” a profile of Rosie Del Mar.

Del Mar’s story is similar to some others of her age in that she describes multiple life phases in which she tried to live in different genders and sexual orientations, with corresponding changes in the ways she could make a living.  What makes her story different from some other trans elders’ is the kinds and amounts of support she experienced, which included multiple church homes and, now, an affordable living complex for LGBT elders.  Still, even with the support she’s found, she was surprised five years ago when she was asked to become a deacon at her latest church.  “I never knew a transgender person could be looked upon as somewhat valuable within a church,” she said.

The article is available at http://www.advocate.com/commentary/2013/08/28/op-ed-72-transgender-and-finally-myself

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