Advocate Covers Old Queers!

GeorgeTakeiThis week the Advocate has — count ’em! — THREE articles on old LGBT people!

“Prime Timers: A New Age for Activism” profiles 25 LGBT people aged 65 and older, including large photos of each.  The list is heavy on actors and authors, most of whom have been out as LGBT issues for decades, but also contains some long-time activists and a few who became out and/or active only after passing what’s thought of in the U.S. as “retirement age.”

“9 Tales of Young Love and Old Memories” interviews nine residents of Triangle Square, an LGBT-focused housing project in Los Angeles operated by Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing, all of whom discuss their “first love.”  Some first loves were fleeting, but others lasted decades.

In the hard news category is “HHS Offers Benefits, Joint Placement to Married LGBT Seniors on Medicare.”  This article reports on a new Department of Health and Human Services ruling that legally married LGBT elders on Medicare will be eligible for equal benefits and joint placement in nursing homes around the country, regardless of whether or not they are currently living in a state that recognizes their marriage.

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