NIH Seeks Input on LGBTI Health

LGBT-Health-Awareness-WeekS1H3_week_1911Leading LGBTI health researcher Dr. Scout this week publicized a meeting and ground-breaking opportunity related to the health of US-based LGBTI people.

In his Huffington Post article, Scout noted that at a recent meeting of activists with the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), NIH announced three pieces of good news:  1)  They have added gender identity to their nondiscrimination protections, 2) They now have a staffer whose job is to recruit more LGBTI staff to work at NIH, and 3) They have issued a formal Request for Information.

It’s that Request for Information that is particularly important, as it represents our chance to give input to the federal government about our health.  Scout says, “Simply put, this is the health version of the Supreme Court saying, ‘So what do you think we should do about gay marriage?'”  He urges people to use the online form at

He recommends skipping the first (methodological) question and using the other comments fields “to speak up about poor treatment you’ve had by providers and suggest research into interventions that can change that too-common phenomenon.  Or maybe you want information on our cancer disparities, what (if any) risks there are with long-term hormone use, interventions that can help stop youth suicide, why bisexual people report higher health disparities…. Or maybe you want to tender a few pointed ideas on training providers or supporting new researchers, or how NIH can get practical health information out to us….”

The Huffington Post article is available at

The formal NIH description of the project is at

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