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Keep on Growing and Learning

Edie Windsor3I’ll admit it: I love Edie Windsor, the woman who is standing up in the Supreme Court on behalf of same-sex marriage.  So I’d want to call your attention to another article about her no matter what (especially one that has a spiffy new picture of her!).

But what struck me even more about this article is how it shows how committed Edie is to continuing to learn and grow.  It ends with this exchange:

“Did you participate in the Dyke March the day before gay pride?”

“Well, I loved it, I thought it was great.  I sang with them.  Some went topless.  I used to wish they would put on clothes.  I was once saying something about disliking some of the extreme stuff to a straight friend, and she said, ‘Edie, somebody has to keep pushing the envelope.’  I said: ‘I think you’re right.  I apologize for everything I thought.”

You can read the whole interview at