Contrasting Stories of LGBT Long-Term Care

Ann WallsThe Dallas Morning News recently ran an article showing the diversity of what LGBT elders might encounter in long-term care facilities.

Three years ago Kee Holt, center services manager at Resource Center Dallas, called all the nursing facilities in town to ask about LGBT residents.  “I was told, ‘We don’t have that here.’ I was hung up on a few times.  I was told, ‘They’ve grown out of that by now.’ I was really disheartened to find that people just didn’t think it existed in those places.”

On the other hand, Ann Walls and her partner Gienna Smith moved into an independent living facility together.  “They knew what the situation was, but nobody talked about it,” she said.  “We didn’t tell them.  We chose to be discreet.”  But after Smith died, Walls said, “I stayed there another year and those ladies really stepped up and were there for me.  It was like living with a built-in support group.”

The full article is available at

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