Before You Know It

Before you know itBefore You Know It is a new film depicting three gay men, one in his 60s, the other two in their 70s.

The American Prospect reviewed the film’s debut at the SXSW festival (see and concluded:

“The film serves as a particular tribute to a generation of gay men who grew up in post-World War II America, when the traditional nuclear family was at its height — and who then, as the sexual revolution reached its peak, were confronted with HIV/AIDS.  At one point, Ty holds up a picture of his group 30 years prior.  He points to each one who’s since died.  Robert’s nephew, who’s also gay, describes his family’s horrified response to his uncle’s sexuality, while others at the bar [LaFitte’s] talk about having had no one except their friends at LaFitte’s.  The stories, just a few decades old, lend a new profundity to the current moment for gay rights.  We see Ty celebrate marriage equality in New York.  Dennis participates in his first Pride parade, dressed as Dee.  Robert feels too ill to join in the Mardi Gras celebrations his performers put on.  But from his porch, he can see them in the parade — a notable move forward that he helped to create.”

Details on the film are available at; reviews and commentary by the producer are available at

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