Asking Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Questions

InclusiveQuestionsforOlder-AdultsMore and more, aging service providers are being asked to ask their clients about their sexual orientation and gender identity.  But these are traditionally taboo subjects!  What’s a caring service provider supposed to do?

Read this new manual:  “Inclusive Qustions for Older Adults: A Practical Guide to Collecting Data on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.”  This new publication from the National Resource on LGBT Aging is available at

This comprehensive but readable and attractive guide covers:

  • Unique needs of LGBT older people
  • Why data collection is important
  • Addressing common questions and misconceptions
  • Suggested questions on sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Confidentiality
  • Helpful suggestions for staff
  • Cultural competency training
  • Glossary

Here are a couple of quotes about why asking these questions is important:

“[W]hile self-disclosing one’s sexual orientation and gender identity can be a risk, it has also been shown to lead to positive mental and physical health outcomes amongst other signs of resilience.”

“An important principle of person-centered care is that the more providers know about their individual clients, the better service they will be able to provide.”

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