Stonewall Pioneers on Same-Sex Marriage

Stonewall“They are in their mid-60s now — about the average age of a Supreme Court justice.”

So begins a USA Today article ( on how the Stonewall Generation views same-sex marriage, a topic the U.S. Supreme Court is taking up next week.  As makes sense in as diverse a community as ours, there is little consensus.  Some have decided getting married is a good thing, while others are marrying only because they must to keep benefits they had under previous arrangements when marriage wasn’t an option.

The article also discusses chronological age may impact one’s politics and priorities.  As one person who was 20 in 1969 put it, “I was forced to meet people in bars that were owned by the Mafia.  I was basically pushed into a criminal environment.  Society pushed us underground.  All I would have told you is that ‘I want to get back in the bar and dance.’  I wasn’t aware of what I didn’t have.”  Now he says of the potential Supreme Court decision: “If the court denies me my basic rights, they will probably this time see a bigger riot on their hands than they did that night at Stonewall.”

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