Jakarta Home for Aging Trans “Waria”

Yulianus RettoblautYulianus Rettoblaut, 51 and the first transgender person to earn a law degree from an Islamic university, has opened her home to other aging Indonesian “waria,” according to an article and video available at http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/02/20/worlds-first-home-for-transgender-elderly/

Waria combines the Indoensian word for woman (wanita) and the word for man (pria).  Between 3 and 12 waria live at the home (the video and article contradict each other), with as many as 800 on a waiting list.  Government funds will provide some food subsidies, while 70 churches are said to provide some support (mostly shelter during floods).

The 7-minute video interviews Rettoblaut and several of her residents and includes stories about her brother’s rejection and ultimate reconciliation.  The article also address opposition from the Islamic Defenders Front.

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