SAGE Story Launches New Educational Resource

elderSAGE has launched a wonderful new online resource, SAGE Story, a new national storytelling initiative for lesbian, gay, bisexaul and transgender (LGBT) older adults.

The project, headquartered online at, was launched to “create a national voice on aging issues shaped by the insights and actions of LGBT older people.  The purpose of the program is to strengthen the storytelling skills — and draw on the unique life experiences — of LGBT elders to diversify the public narratives on aging, long-term care and LGBT rights.  Four sections highlight different story-telling methods:

– “See” features still pictures of LGBT older adults holding up hand-drawn signs that (at least currently) answer the question, “What would help you live a joyful and healthy life as you age”?

– “Watch” is a collection of short videos on a range of topics.

– “Listen” are audio-only podcasts of individuals’ stories.

– “Read” features written opinion pieces and much more.

The project actively solicits submissions, and SAGE is rolling out (first in New York, then nationwide) skillbuilding workshops to help older adults contribute.  “We will also partner with storytelling experts and policy-based organizations to bring these stories into the current public and political conversations.”

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