Health Care Professionals for LGBT Rights

GLMAGot a supervisor, elected official, or other authority figure you want to persuade to adopt more LGBT-friendly policies?  The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) has compiled a tool that you may find helpful.

Their newly-updated “Compendium of Health Profession Association LGBT Policy & Position Statements” compiles information on and links to LGBT-related policy statements made by 11 different health care professionals’ groups ranging from the American Academy of Family Physicians to the American Public Health Association (apparently no health care professional association is going to start its acronym with anything other than “A”).  

GLMA says of the compilation: “Organization policy and position statements are an important tool in advocacy efforts to ameliorate health disparities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals and to improve the climate for LGBT health professionals.  This document outlines LGBT-related policy and position statements issued by health profession associations.  The statements relate to LGBT individuals, families and communities as well as LGBT health professionals.”

One hundred policies from these 11 organizations are cited, on topics ranging from marriage equality to the “Teacher-Learner Relationship in Medical Education.”  One that readers of might be interested in is the part of the American Psychological Assocation’s Council of Representatives’ August 2008 policy, “Transgender, Gender Identity, & Gender Expression Non-Discrimination” that reads:  “Therefore be it further resolved that APA supports efforts to provide fair and safe environments for gender variant and transgender people in institutional settings such as supportive living environments, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, treatment facilities, and shelters, as well as custodial settings such as prisons and jails.”

The compendium is available here:

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