Pre-1980 Same-Sex Married Couples Sought for Study

wedding ringsGay Marriage?  That’s so 1960s….

Same-sex couples have been getting married for decades.  The law may not have considered their marriages legitimate, but the couples that married certainly did.  Ben Klassen, a young, queer research assistant studying same-sex marriage and union blessings before 1980 under the supervision of a professor at Simon Fraser University, is seeking interviewees. 

“If you ever heard of or participated in such an event, or if you considered yourself married to your same-sex partner but did not have a ceremony, I would very much like to hear from you.  I am also interested to hear from trans folks who, at the time, thought of their marriage as a ‘same-sex’ marriage.  Finally, if you are lesbian, gay or trans and objected to same-sex marriages in the pre-1980s period for political or other reasons, please drop me a line.”

“Your contribution, no matter how small, is really important.  By sharing your story and knowledge, you can help me document this lesser-known aspect of American history.  You can provide information anonymously, or, if you choose, you can be identified by name as a contributor in any publication that includes information provided by you.”

“If you can spare a little time and have information to share, please contact me by email at bjk8 [at] sfu [dot] ca.  Thank you!”

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