For 60 Years, “There Wasn’t Anything Else”

If you can use a love story right now, surf over immediately to the latest entry in The Oregonian’s continuing series featuring inspiring couples who have reached the 50-, 60- and 70-year mark in marriage.

The article at features Eric Marcoux, 82, and Eugene Woodworth, 84, who have been together since they met in Chicago in 1953.

This delightful couple renews their “wedding vows once a month as part of our spiritual practice,” and “make a point of going to Starbucks every morning” together.¬† While they don’t have much explicit advice for other couples — Marcoux said, “God, that’s just a terror of a question,” when asked — it’s easy to see between the lines: like each other, have a sense of humor, and have a commitment to each other.¬† Enjoy!

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