A Call for Conversation: Gay Men and Aging

Last month Kyriell Noon, director of prevention services at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, wrote about the loss to suicide of Bob Bergeron, a 49-year-old therapist who had recently written, The Right Side of Forty: The Complete Guide to Happiness for Gay Men at Mindlife and Beyond.

Noon noted that gay men’s “freedome from heteronomative expectations about our life tranjectories” is freeing, but that freedom does “leave us with questions about how to choose a trajectory and select the metrics by which its (and our) success or failure can be measured.”  He adds, “Now that so many more doors are open to us how do we choose one?”

“[T]here is a genuine hunger,” he concludes, “to have a community conversation abgout the ways in which aging impacts our lives as gay men.”  To read his whole essay, go to http://www.ebar.com/openforum/opforum.php?sec=guest_op&id=374

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