Data on Black Gay and Transgender Americans

They forgot to mention that Black Gay and Transgender Americans grow old, but otherwise the new Center for American Progress report, “Jumping Beyond the Broom: Why Black Gay and Transgender Americans Need More Than Marriage Equality” is a must-have for those who want a more complete picture of our LGBT community.

 Beyond the Broom “aim(s) to establish a common understanding and knowledge bank of the data and policy research on black gay and transgender people since no consolidated inventory of literature or data on the population’s issues currently exists.”  Relying primarily on four large studies – each annotated at length – the report notes that “much of the academic research and data gathered on black gay and transgender populations is framed in disparities, victimization, and hardship.”  There are lengthy passages on what’s happening to Black gay and transgender youth, and some data on health disparities and family structures. 

The 48-page report is available for download at no cost at

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