Proof that Support Services Work

We constantly hear (and perhaps say!) that it’s critical for LGBT elders to have social support services, but we don’t often have the data to back up the statement.

Buried in an April 2012 Bay Area Reporter article on the new building designs unveiled by San Francisco’s openhouse was this gem:  “In the last year, openhouse provided 5,600 units of direct services to over 500 LGBT seniors.  As a direct result of this work, 82 percent of community members reported improvements in health and well-being and 84 percent said they were better able to remain independent.”  Openhouse’s services include “yoga, art groups, and health seminars” as well as social services, and they are currrently launching a Friendly Visitor program.  The BAR article is available at

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  1. You are cranking out great stuff on this site. We have been linking back to you so often! Keep up the great reporting.

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