LGBT, Mainstream Aging Organizations Merge

California-based Lavender Seniors of the East Bay, an 18-year-old LGBT aging organization with a $150,000 budget, has announced its merger with Bay Area Community Services (BACS), a 60-year-old, mainstream vulnerable adult services agency with an $8 million budget.

 The new arrangement benefits both organizations, say Dan Ashbrook, Lavender Seniors’ Executive Director and Jaime Almanza, BACS’ Executive Director.  The Bay Area Reporter says Lavender Seniors’ declining revenues was part of what led to the merger.  Marvin Burrows, one of Lavender Seniors’ founders, agrees, “It gives the financial responsibility to someone else.”  But, he continues, “we’ll have a lot of other help with our programs, faster referrals, and so on. “  The article interviews a Lavender Senior client who explains how the new arrangement has improved the services she can access, and concludes with Ashbrook saying, “It’s a phenomenal model which mainstream senior service agencies can replicate to better address the needs of LGBT elder adults.”   You can read the article here:

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