African-American Gay Male Couples

It’s true: a picture is worth a thousand words.  You’ll undoubtedly agree if you web surf over to “Hidden in the Open: A Photographic Essay of Afro American Male Couples from the Distant Past,” at

The collection spans more than a century, with images from the mid 19th century to as late as the 1980s.  Many are accompanied by essays that reveal how African-American gay men met each other and survived in a hostile world.  A long introductory essay discusses early styles of photography (see the sixth paragraph) as well as a critique of modern images of African-American gay men.

LGBT history is important to people who are or serve LGBT elders now not just because many of us lived through these experiences, but also because it’s important to really get that LGBT people have existed in all eras and places.  This stirring collection is an important piece of the puzzle.

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