Calling All Policy Geeks

Last week I was privileged to meet Gautam Raghavan, the new White House LGBT Liaison, when he and his boss Jon Carson spoke to a meeting of the New Beginnings Initiative, a coalition of LGBT groups working with the Obama Administration to effect pro-LGBT policy changes.

Did you know that the White House has a free LGBT update that can keep you updated on what’s happening?  Today’s edition features profiles of two LGBT leaders who were honored by President Obama last week.  Janice Langbehn was given the Citizens Medal in thanks for her work to keep other LGBT families from experiencing the horror hers did, when she and their three children were kept from her partner’s deathbed by a Florida hospital.  Also last week, Sharon Stapel was honored as a Champion of Change for her work with New York’s Anti-Violence Program, the largest such organization focused on providing services to LGBTQ and HIV+ victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and hate crimes.  Mr. Raghavan invites us to submit more nominees for the Champions of Change awards by nominating them via an email to lgbt [at] who [dot] eop [dot] gov

That’s also the address to use if you want to submit other ideas or comments on LGBT issues to White House staff.  If you want to sign up to receive the LGBT updates directly, go to

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