“Neighbors and Friends”

Last week I had the delightful experience of appearing on “Neighbors and Friends,” the Iowa City LGBT television show hosted by Elsie Gauley Vega, a lovely lesbian now in her 80s.

The show is produced in a multiple-room studio inside the large, bustling Iowa City Senior Center.  Elsie initiated it when she returned to Iowa City in 2007, fresh from a long-term relationship that failed in part because her partner was simply too closeted for Elsie.  The Daily Iowan quotes her as saying, “I felt as a lesbian citizen and a lesbian church member, I had work to do.  I knew that society needed to learn, to know, and accept the fact that, generation after generation, a certain percent of the population is lesbian, gay, or transgendered.”

You can read more about her show and even watch some episodes online at:

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