Gay, Friendless, with Dementia

The Dallas Voice this week published an article about an unnamed but well-known LGBT activist who developed dementia, was evicted from his home, and has ended up without personal support in a Dallas area nursing home.

The article focuses both on the man’s history and current circumstances (including the fact that he is believed to have a son and grandson somewhere, who have not been located) and the relative lack of LGBT aging services in Dallas.  The latter is cited as one of the possible reasons why, despite previous publicity about the man, he still has no visitors or assistance from the LGBT community.  The Voice notes that one commentator to the first article said that the community’s resources are rightfully dedicated to HIV/AIDS services, and that there is no room for other programs.  That perspective is very interesting, since only a small minority of LGBT people has AIDS, but nearly all of us will at least some day be LGBT elders.

On a brighter note, several of the commentators to this article have pledged to locate the man and begin visiting him.  Let’s hope they do.  The full article is available at

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