You’ve Got a Washington Lobbyist!

Aging LGBT people have our own full-time, D.C. lobbyist helping ensure that laws and policies discriminating against LGBT older adults are dismantled and replaced with programs and rules that finally meet our country’s standards of fairness.

Aaron Tax is actually SAGE’s second Director of Federal Government Relations, replacing John Johnson, who first filled the position two years ago.  Tax is well-qualified for the job, having most recently been Legal Director for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.  (This affiliation is particularly noteworthy for the transgender community, as recent surveys show transgender people are several times more likely to be veterans than are LGB or heterosexual, nontransgender people of the same age.)  Tax has also held positions with the Army’s Office of Equal Employment Opportunities/Civil Rights office and the D.C. office of the U.S. Attorney.  Welcome aboard, Aaron!

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