LGBT Senior Housing Project Hits Snag

San Francisco’s project to build LGBT senior housing has hit a snag, the Bay Area Reporter reported this week.

The project, sponsored by openhouse, is designed to build 330 market-rate housing units on a site a block away from San Francisco’s LGBT Community Center.  Many years in development, the current problem stems from a new proposal to revise the plan to eliminate 49 below-market-rate housing units, and instead pay the City $17 million, which would in turn be used to finance the project.

The modification has drawn the ire of housing advocates, who do not want to sacrifice new affordable housing units in a city that has extraordinarily high housing costs.  It appears that part of the opposition may stem from a failure to keep community activists in the loop as changes were discussed, a lesson that may be of critical importance to other LGBT elder housing projects.  The full article is available at

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