Syracuse, NY Art Show Features LGBT Elders’ Art

If you are in or near Syracuse, NY bewteen June 25 and July 16, 2011, stop in at Artrage Gallery, 505 Hawley Avenue, to check out its “The Art of Aging” exhibit.

The exhibit features works created by participants in a SAGE Upstate, Gifford Foundation-funded project that brought in skilled creative artists to teach or improve LGBT older adults’ skills in photography, creating writing, and pastels.  A promotion for the exhibit notes, “The artists — both new and experienced — have something to say about the world they live in, and what it feels like to experience it as an older LGBT person.”

For more information on the exhibit, see  For more information on SAGE Update, go to  The photograph accompanying this post is from the exhibit, is entitled “Dessert First,” and was done by Joe Leonard.

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