How Many of Us Are There? New Jersey, Florida, and Texas

People always want data, especially from those who write funding proposals or suggest new programs.  When it comes to the LGBT population, those numbers have been difficult to discern.  A new Williams Institute brief provide a new look at this lingering question.

According to this new analysis, which averages the results of 5 U.S. studies, New Jersey is about the size of U.S. residents who claim the labels of LGB or T: about 9 million, or 3.5% for LGB and .3% (about 700,000) for T. 

Florida’s population of 19 million represents the 8.2% of Americans who admit they’ve engaged in same-sex behavior.  And Texas’s population of 25.6 million Americans (about 11%) represents those who admit to at least some same-sex sexual attraction.  The analysis concludes from two US surveys and the Australian survey that “adults are two to three times more likely to say that they are attracted to individuals of the same-sex or have had same-sex sexual experiences than they are to self-identify as LGB.”

The brief includes graphics showing the percentage of people 5 U.S. and 4 international (Canada, Australia, U.K. Integrated, Norway) studies have found identify as LGB, and breakdowns of how many people identify as bisexual, compared to those who identify as lesbian or gay.  In six of the surveys, there were more lesbian- and gay-identified than bisexual-identified respondents, with the bisexual identity being far more common among women than men.

The full report is available at

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