Getting More from Your Computer

It has nothing to do with aging or LGBT issues, but a new website can give you quick, easy tips on how to get more out of your computer use. is a website created by a group of 20-somethings who work at Google, and provides 30 to 90 second videos that can teach you things from “How to know if an email is real” to “How to check the weather.”  I reviewed a half-dozen videos, and in less than 10 minutes learned several tricks I’ll be using on a daily basis.  Only one video went too fast for me, although when each video is done, it automatically provides you a “view again” button that might help you get the things you missed the first time.  The presentation format is very simple: one person against a solid color background, plus screen shots that show you what to do as the narrator explains the steps.

 Some of the videos you might want to check out: How to get public transportation directions; How to resize a picture or crop photos; How to find a pizza restaurant near you, and How to get live traffic updates.    (By the way, if you want a laugh, check out “How to Create a FAT32 Hard Drive Partition.”)

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