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Looking for a wonderful vacation spot?  Consider visiting beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico and staying at an LGBT…retirement community!

RainbowVision Santa Fe doesn’t call itself that, with good reason.  “Your community for the second fifty years” seems more like a high-end spa, with its gourmet-chef’d Garbo’s restaurant, SilverStarlight Cabaret & Lounge, Billie Jean King Fitness Center and Spa, Truman Capote Library, Edward Scissorhands Salon, Spectrum newsletter, and concierge services.  All of its public rooms are named for famous LGBT people and usually feature marvelous portraits of these pioneers.  Its social activities run the gamut from more traditional aging fare like seminars on eating healthy to the very non-traditional and well-attended drag shows. 

RainbowVision isn’t even solely for retired people.  Working people in their 40s and 50s have moved into some of RainbowVision’s 146 condos, wanting to take advantage of its easy social life and many daily living amenities.  Visitors of any age are welcome, too: RainbowVision maintains a set of fully-stocked condos that can be rented out by the day or week.  Not LGBT?  Not a problem!  Joy Silver, RainbowVision’s dynamic President and CEO, told me a hefty number of residents aren’t LGBT.  Some are the parents of LGBT couples, who are drawn by the idea of having high-quality assisted living services for their mom or dad just steps away from where they dine, work out, and socialize.  But other heterosexuals move in simply because they love the feeling of living in the midst of a very connected and caring community.  That was one of the strongest goals in designing RainbowVision, Joy says, calling it a “living laboratory” for how to build not just a physical community, but a psychological one.

Speaking of community, if you visit RainbowVision, make sure you plan for plenty of sidewalk ogling in  Santa Fe; Joy told me that an estimated 21% of Santa Fe residents are LGBT, which must make it one of the queerest places on earth. 

Check it out:

RainbowVision’s website:  http://www.rainbowvisionprop.com/

Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/rainbowvisionsantafe

Joy Silver’s blog:  http://rainbowvisionprop.blogspot.com/


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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words and review. We are so proud of what has been accomplished at RainbowVision. We do invite short term guest in our Trial Stay Guest Suites. Your readers can contact me @ 505.428.2844 for more information.

    Jane Steinberg
    National Marketing Director

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